Long Driving Range

Drive as long as 200 km.

No range anxiety

Built to Perform

Drive fast. as fast as 80 kmph

0 – 60 in 10 secs

Charge on Wheels

No Charging Station Required.

Charge at home with our patent pending technology.

Save Big

Average cost 30 paisa per km as compared to a gasoline scooter costing Rs 2/km.

Save ~ 60,000 in 5 years

Green Vehicle

Fight pollution with our pragmatic patent pending technology.

Avoid emissions.

How It Works

By simply charging the vehicle at home a user can drive a distance more than the average commute distance on the charge battery (approx. 40km). For longer drive, the engine generator assists the battery for propulsion removing all range anxiety.

On Electric Battery (up to 45 km)
On Engine Generator Assist – REx (next 155 km)