Long Driving Range

Drive as long as 200 km.

No range anxiety

Built to Perform

Drive fast. as fast as 80 kmph

0 – 60 in 10 secs

Charge on Wheels

No Charging Station Required.

Charge at home with our patent pending technology.

Save Big

Average cost 30 paisa per km as compared to a gasoline scooter costing Rs 2/km.

Save ~ 60,000 in 5 years

Green Vehicle

Fight pollution with our pragmatic patent pending technology.

Avoid emissions.

How It Works

By simply charging the vehicle at home a user can drive a distance more than the average commute distance on the charged battery. For longer drive, range extender supports the battery for propulsion up-to 200km.

No need to hunt for a charging station.

No need to worry about often interrupting electricity.

On Electric Battery (up to 45 km)
Range Extender (REx – next 155 km)