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We have developed a low cost long range extended range electric powertrain (GoEVx) technology.
GoEVx provides an affordable and reliable green alternative to existing vehicles. Our solution addresses
key inhibitors of the electric vehicle adoption in emerging world, that is high up front cost, lack of
charging infrastructure and long charging time. The current focus is to develop GOEVx powertrains for
two wheelers, three wheeler passenger (auto-rickshaw) and cargo vehicles.
We intend to license the powertrain to OEMs, component suppliers or battery suppliers. GoEVx will allow
EV sales beyond metro cities in counties such as India.

1. 3W Concept Prototype

2. 2W Concept Prototype

Customers reviews

Very good company with great service on 300 hp motor and VFD. Quick quotes and easy to work
Adam Sendler
highly recommend first time customer called in for availability and got the unit the next day.
Mila Kunis
I bought a 2hp 3 phase for a 2x72 grinder project. Motor looks very robust and is working very well.
Mike Sendler