GoVidyouth Mobility

Electrification of vehicles is need of the hour. Here, at GoVidyouth, we want to lead the change with technological innovation. We do not want to replicate Teslas of the world but start our own journey, to tackle the mobility issues that millions of facing in the developing world.

With more than 22 million two-wheelers sold in 2018-19, India is the largest two-wheeler market (worth ~$17B) in the world. On one hand urban India is grappling with the extreme pollution – gasoline two wheelers being one of the major contributors, on the other hand uninterrupted electricity is still a challenge in majority of India- making electric two wheelers unreliable and unacceptable to the market. Indian Two-wheeler market awaits a green, reliable, cost effective solution tailored for the Indian usage patterns and the Indian infrastructure challenges.

And that’s what we promise to bring.

An environmentally friendly, reliable, high performing yet cost effective mobility solution for masses.

I Go Vidyouth… I Go Green!

Long Range

200 km per Charge

Great Performance

80 kmph

No Charging Station Hunt

Green Vehicle

Save Money on Commute

Rs 0.3 / km

Affordable Price

Starting price: Rs 75000 / vehicle