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GoVidyouth is India’s first extended range (REx) electric two wheeler (patent pending in India) that allows drive up to 200km on one charge with the range extender system. GoVidyouth has two modes of operation: Electric vehicle (EV) mode (first 35-45 kms) with the battery in charged state. (Note: Average distance driven on 2W in India is 24 km/day, 92% of the population drive less than 40km per day [1])
Range extender (REx) mode (45-200 kms): on-board REx System supporting the drive. GoVidyouth is clean tech startup committed to bring innovative solutions tailored for Indian market
conditions. On one hand, with the deteriorating air quality, the use of greener mobility solutions is the
need of the hour, on the other hand, the lack of uninterrupted electricity supply and lack of charging
station infrastructure pose unique challenges to vehicle electrification in India. At the same time, providing a long-range electric vehicle solution meeting the budgetary requirements of an average customer adds to  the constraints.


We see ourselves as specialists and development partners in control and drive technology in the field of engine management for combustion engines, generators and turbines and in the field of electric drives.


As a know-how provider in control and drive technology, igoviduyouth will actively shape the path towards sustainable energy generation and mobility.


Trustworthy – we act with integrity and unquestionable ethics
Educated – we are knowledgeable and continue to learn

Customers reviews

Very good company with great service on 300 hp motor and VFD. Quick quotes and easy to work
Adam Sendler
highly recommend first time customer called in for availability and got the unit the next day.
Mila Kunis
I bought a 2hp 3 phase for a 2x72 grinder project. Motor looks very robust and is working very well.
Mike Sendler

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